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Square Innovations is a digital customer experience agency, bringing more than 15 years of experience in digital technology, customer experience, digital transformation, and digital strategy to the table to ensure that our clients have the resources and support that they need to take their small business to the next level.

Throughout our time in business, we’ve developed a wide range of services that touch upon nearly all of the major pain points felt throughout a small business digital transformation. From building ground-up digital strategy, to delivering digital experiences that delight, we are here to support and guide, applying our expertise in digital to ensure that your business is well represented.

demistifying digital.

This stuff doesn't need to be complicated.  It is our pleasure to educate and inform as we partner on your journey.  Sure, we'll do the work - but we really enjoy empowering our clients, so they can take the reigns and lead themselves to success. 


an all-star team.

Rob Ramsay


Rob Ramsay (CSPO)

Implementation Lead

Rob Ramsay (UXC)

CX Product Manager

Rob Ramsay

Experience Manager

Rob Ramsay

Web & eCommerce Guru

Rob Ramsay

Digital Strategist


Ah. You may have picked up on a theme here.  Yes, Square Innovations is a team of one multifaceted individual with over 15 years in digital innovation. 

I've got expert, enterprise experience delivering solutions, and have held roles in every stage in the delivery & innovation lifecycle (from hands-on development to corporate digital product strategy).